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What is the "roll slitter or slitting"? What is the "roll slitter or slitting"?

Slitting is a converting process cutting wide mother material rolls to narrow ones. There are normally two ways of slitting: rewind slitting and log slitting. In rewind slitting, the material roll will be fed into the unwind section, slit in the slitting section and rewind on one or more shafts to form narrower rolls. For the log slitting, the material rolls are cut as a whole.

For the machine that can rewind slit, we call it a slitting machine, a slitter or a slitter rewinder, while we call the machine that can log slit log slitters.

Today we place an emphasis on introduction of the slitter. Slitter can be divided into three sections: unwind section, slitting section and rewinding section. It is widely used for slitting soft materials such as adhesive labels, plastic films, paper and non-woven and also hard material like metal, copper foil and aluminum foil. The slitting part hassome options razor slitting, rotary shear slitting, crush cut slitting and hot knife slitting. Razor slitting is very simple to set and low price, but it needs to be changed frequently. This is widely used on thin plastic films. As to Rotary shear slitting, as its names suggest, the slitting provides a scissor cutting effect. It works well with slitting foils, paper and plastic films. As to crush cut slitting, it an ideal for slitting non-wovens and foams. Hot knife slitting applies to a heated blade to cut through an anvil.

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