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Applicable of Printing and Packaging engineering

In the field of printing and packaging, slitter is necessary for printing before and after printing. LOYAL's HC-320 is the ideal equipment for labeling products. Simple structure, easy to operate.

Applicable scheme of label, adhesive label, fruit label, toiletries label, radium anti-fake trademark, terylene film trademark and various kinds of label.

Printing industry: before and after printing need to Slitter. The large raw material slitting and then printed can save the cost of printed materials. The finished material slitting can improve the quality and productivity of the product. Applicable scheme of the label, paper, tape, film and so on. Label: adhesive label, fruit label, fruit label, toiletries label, radium anti-fake trademark, terylene film trademark and various kinds of the label. Paper: compound paper, cigarette paper, coated paper, enamel paper, sticker paper, kraft paper, laminated paper, coated bottom paper. Tape: adhesive tape, cellophone tape, silicon tape, masking tape, gum tape, aluminum foil tape, copper foil tape. Film: PET film, PVC film, BOPP film, HDPE film, LDPE film and so on.

Packaging industry: suitable for gifts, cigarettes, food, medicine and other fields. LOYAL slitter for the object is in the high-end packaging areas, in the processing process need anti-scratch treatment. Good slitting effect and rewinding smoothly, to provide customers with high-quality packaging.

Applicable of Printing and PackagingPrinting and Packaging


Printing and Packaging Application

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