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Applicable Scheme of Electronic Products engineering

With the popularity of electronic products, electronic products related to the film production is growing. Electronic product slittting is one of LOYAL's most important customer areas. Here we have a lot of partners, BYD, Samsung, Foxconn and so on. LOYAL in the electronic products of the slitting to do anti-scratch treatment, making the machine in the course of the material can be the greatest degree of protection, to minimize material waste.

Applicable scheme of Industrial Tape, Electronic Screen Material, Protective Coating, PVC, PET, Dustproof, Shockproof, Heat-resisting, Heat-insulated Materials and Film.

Including electronic protective film, PE film, anti-static film.

Electronic protective film includes: screen protection film, LED display film, key protection film and so on.

PTFE electronic film should be used in the electronics industry.

Applicable products: sensors; gas detectors; batteries; hearing aids; cameras; digital cameras; underwater equipment and test equipment

With the development of science and technology and the diversification of the use of the environment, the reliability of electronic components sealing is facing increasing challenges, but also on the protection of electronic components put forward higher and higher requirements. In the electronics industry, SanoPTFE film protection products are mainly used in sensors, gas detectors, batteries, hearing aids, camcorders, digital cameras, underwater equipment and test equipment and other fields. Products in a variety of forms, including with adhesive products, threaded parts, breathable plugs and a variety of customers and the joint design of injection products. SanoPTFE film for the electronics industry, the protection level up to IP67 and IP68, to ensure good air permeability while ensuring the integrity of the seal and the overall reliability of electronic components.

Applicable Scheme of Industrial Tape Applicable Scheme of Electronic Screen Material

Applicable Scheme of Protective Coating Applicable Scheme of PVC, PET, Dustproof
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