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  • What field can label rolls be applied? 2023-06-02 Self-adhesive labels have a wide range of application in commodity, packaging, transportation, food and medical, providing convenient and efficient identification products for various industries.
  • How to make your label production more efficient and sustainable? 2023-05-26 Have you ever thought of a revolutionary way to make your label production more efficient and sustainable?Introducing the Raloyal Automatic turret rewinder LYRG, it is the perfect solution for the rea...
  • Why are product labels so important? 2023-05-19 For many brands, the label can be one of the most recognizable features of the packaging. Product labels serve many purposes.
  • What Are Battery Labels? 2023-05-10 Battery labels are usually attached to batteries such as carbon-zinc batteries, alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, mobile phone batteries, dry batteries, fuel cells and etc.

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Ruian Loyal Machinery Co.,Ltd located in Ruian city, southeast of China, specializing in the slitting machine, die cutting machine, printing machine, sheeting machine making for more than 12 years in the application of label /flexible packing /electric protector film/new energy and paper industry.

RaLoyal have been always devoted to provide a global solution to the demands of markets in constant development with competitive and tailored equipment including the latest solutions in innovation, technology and sustainability for customers.

We have set agent in Germany,Venezuela, which can provide immediate technical support available to minimize the waiting time for customers. We deeply believe that Raloyal will become your loyal partner and supplier once we have a chance to start the cooperation!

Raloyal, your loyal converting solution provider.