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LYRG-330/450/570 Label Automatic non-stop turret rewinding machine

LYRG-370 Automatic non-stop turret rewinding machine is ideal intelligent narrow web label sticker automatic production converting equipment.
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This type machine is our latest innovation for small label rolls automatic cutting and rewinding with high-efficiency. It can connect with unwinding section, die cutting machine and printing machine, etc.

Characteristics of Copy Paper Rewinder:

1. Automatic core loading equipped with a storage tower for small cores.
2. Automatic feeding system equipped with mechanical arm, ensure cores to be positioned automatically and accurately onto the rewind shaft.
3. PLC and touch screen automatic control, friendly operation.
4. Automatic applying glue to cores
5. 4 spindle automatic turret rewinding
6. Automatic roll eject system
7. Automatic labeling as standard,make the machine price very favorable.
8. No changeover times involved (other than rewind shaft changeover)
9. High speed:50-120m/min
10. Double side heavy machine body ensure machine running stable in high speed
11. The large roulette is supported by a professional customized turret, which is maintenance-free for ten years.
12. Multi-optimized combination of mechanical and electrical, can realize single expansion shaft for eight-die rewinding roll without biting the roll.

Technical Parameter

1 Machine Model LYRG-330 LYRG-450 LYRG-570
2 Unwinding width 330mm 450mm 570mm
3 Rewinding diameter 350mm*4 350mm*4 350mm*4
4 Min rewinding width 25mm 25mm 25mm
5 Machine speed 50-120m/min 50-120m/min 50-120m/min
6 Rewinding shaft 1-3 inch 1-3 inch 1-3 inch

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