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The 2nd generation of High speed slitting machine:

On the basis of PLC we have added on the 1st generation of High-speed slitting machine, we adopted slip shafts to the high speed slitting machine for two of each, which is the greatly significant component of any drive shaft assembly.

Therefore, as we can see, it is apparent that slip shaft assembly is something allowing drive shafts to flex or slip with their given application. The slip shaft is also absolutely essential for giving any possibilities of rotating properly and efficiently with the drive shaft.

So why did we have the slip shaft involved? Because, with the help of slip shaft, we can control the tension of rewind roll more easily and effectively. The slip shaft has an incredibly smooth surface, which makes more different kinds of materials available on our slitting machine. Besides, we surely can make the thick stuff on the rewind roll more smoothly and ordered by slip shafts.

With the involvement of slip shafts, we are glad to see what we have created,  the second generation of High-Speed Slitting Machine. Compared to the old one, this one is more efficient and steady. Therefore, it is more highly recommended to some companies or workers who require higher efficiency, speed, and stability with extraordinary precision.

Each 2nd high-speed slitting machine we produce is equipped with two slip shafts. Purchaser and users can use the slitting machine with two high-quality slip shafts once you receive the machine. We surely install them correctly before sending, so it is more convenient for you not to worry about how to joint them without any leading instruction manual. We really wish the new generation slitting machine would give you a higher efficiency of work and have you enjoy working!