Technical Support
  • Control Technology of Automatic Rewind Machine 2019-06-13 As the last working procedure of paper industry, the automatic rewind machine is the fastest running mechanical equipment in paper machinery. Its speed can reach 1500-1800 m/min, or even up to 3000 m/...
  • Basic Knowledge and Development of Automatic Slitter 2019-06-06 In the modern packaging industry, automatic slitter is an important equipment which is often used before and after printing. The main raw materials such as paper, plastic film and so on are sliced bef...
  • Operational Specification for High Speed Slitting Machine 2019-05-30 Pay attention to safety when feeding into high speed slitting machine. Push the material to the right position to inflate, pay attention to the direction of rotation of the material can not be reverse...
  • On-off Process of Rewind Machine 2019-05-23 I. Start-up process1. Turn on the general power supply of rewind machine and the power supply of detection system in turn. Note: (1) Before turning on the power supply, make sure that the circuit is c...

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    Our R&D team developed core technology and constantly  innovate technology and products to meet your needs.
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    We treat the quality as the life of our company, we guarantee that every machine can  realizes full value from its investment.
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    we treat every detail seriously, perfect details can let our customers operated more friendly and efficiently.
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    According to different application, LOYAL Company develops customized models to meet your needs.
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    Our foreign trade clerks regularly attend specialized training, continue to learn products and expertise can solve your all question about our products for more than 10 years.
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    We believe only when customers get success can LOYAL Company be developed. Thus customer's position is always our first priority, we provide the most profitable solution for you.