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LYS-K1300/1600 Flexible Film High Speed Slitting Machine

LYS-K1300/1600 type slitting machine for sale is an ideal for slitting PET, OPP, PVC, PE, and all kinds of flexible coiled film with high speed and high productivity. Its slitting speed can reach 600m/min.
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A: PET, OPP, PVC, PE, etc protector film, flexible packaging film, functional film 
B: 600m/min slitter for sale
C: Mechanism shaftless load ( environmental) 
D: Tension closed-loop control 
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FEATURES_OF LYS-K1300/1600 Flexible Film High Speed Slitting Machine

Use of LYS-K1300/1600 High Speed Slitting Rewinders For Flims, Paper And PVC:

The LYS-K1300/1600 slitter rewinders for sale is mostly suitable for slitting flexible packaging film, like PET, OPP, PVC, PE, and protective film.

Main Characteristics of LYS-K1300/1600 Automatic High Speed Slitting Machine:

1. Ergonomic design, high precision automatic pvc slitting machine processing, professional team assembly.

2. Tension closed-loop control, PLC real-time monitoring.

3. Unique structural slitting unit design, reduce unnecessary after-sales costs.

4. Choose various cutting methods to meet the cutting requirements of various materials.

5. Static electricity in the whole process to ensure the rewinding quality at high speed.

6. Equipped with safety protection to avoid personal injury.

Videos of LYS-K1300/1600 High Speed Flexible Film Slitting Machine

Specifiction LYS-K1300/1600 Flexible Film High Speed Slitting Machine

Main Technical Parameter Of LYS-K1300/1600 High Speed Slitter For Sale:

Machine model LYS-K1300 LYS-K1600
Unwinding width 1300mm 1600mm
Machine speed 600m/min 600m/min
Unwinding diameter


Rewinding diameter 2 × Φ600mm 2 × Φ600mm

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