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A4 Paper Sheeting Machine

This A4 paper cutting machine is specialist for horizontal and vertical cutting paper rolling materials.
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FEATURES_OF A4 Paper Sheeting Machine

Use of High Precision A4 A2 A3 Size Copier Paper Cutting Machine:
It is suitable for the transverse cutting of the reel material after printing. This machine is a specialist for horizontal and vertical cutting paper rolling materials to A4, A3, A2 size. Get a Quote for A4 paper cutting machine, A3 paper cutting machine, A2 guillotine machine price to Us NOW!

Characteristic of High Precision A4 A2 A3 Size Copier Paper Cutting Machine:
This A4 paper roll cutting machine adopts down-up recurrent cutting with orderly finished products and without water caltrop. Meanwhile, it can be used for horizontal cutting and vertical cutting at one time;
This roll to A4 paper cutting machine adopts servo motor for controlling constant-length cutting;
This A4 paper cutting machine adopts PLC control, contact screen operation;
This A3 paper cutting machine adopts pneumatic, displacement sensor for controlling transmission system, with photoelectric and gas together, it is of easy operation, high precision, good stability, low noise;
This A2 paper guillotine machine has the frequency converter timing device, automatic counting, stop working by alarm ,magnetic powder tension control, can be vertically, adopt blower fan to get rid of waste;
High-precision of cutting and high speed. Pneumatic structure combined with computer control is adopted for transmission section ,making it much more steady operation;
Automatic stacking and Photoelectric auto tracing subtense system.

Specifiction A4 Paper Sheeting Machine

Technical parameter:
Machine model

Max unwinding diameter            


Reference weight of cutting paper     


Max cut width                   


Cutting length                        


Cutting speed                         

150-160 times/min     

Cutting precision                  



AC380V/220V x 50HZ

Total power                         


Main function                   

1) can be 1 roll,2roll,4 rolls loading    (Optioanal)          

2) With paper stacker          (include)               

3) With round cutter for slitting   (include)               

4)With belt transferring         (include)                



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