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Professional Equipment for Slitting:HCH2 Slitting Rewinding Machine Professional Equipment for Slitting:HCH2 Slitting Rewinding Machine

This is a Multifunction machine :Widely used for Self-adhesive Paper, Label Sticker, Label Stock, RFID Label, Laminated Material, Thermal Paper, Paper, Silicon Coated Paper, Metalized Paper, Aluminum Foil + Paper, NCR Paper, Non-woven Cloth, Laminate flims (Toothpaste Multi-layer packing Material and others, PET/BOPP film ,etc.Widely used in medical ,Healthcare, Car Automotive,Pharmaceuticals,Personal care,Logistics industry etc.Raloyal have cooperated with "All4Labels" "AVERY" "GAD" "AVERY DENNISON" and etc. well-known companies.

Compared with other machines, HCH2 High Speed Slitting Rewinding Machine has the following advantages:

1. SIEMENS PLC and Touch screen for easy operator controls.

2. Shaftless loading for heavy duty roll.

3. Unwinding and rewinding tension controlled by SIMENS PLC and JAPAN SMC proportional valves, automatic tension control, keep tension stable.

4. Web guide system adopted ultrasonic inspection, servo motor drive, ensure the material running stable and precision of align.

5. High quality KOREAN circular blade adopted, SKH-2 material ensure the lifetime.

6. Double-bead duplex friction shaft rewinding, each unit’s tension can be compensated automatically.

Optional parts

1.  Finished roll auto push (Option).
2.  Full automatic unloading (Option).
3.  Semi-auto blade set (Option).

HCH2 High Speed Slitting Rewinding Machine.

Your best choice for slitting solutions

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