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Environment-friendly Glueless Full Auto Non Stop Turret Rewinder for Self-adhensive Label Environment-friendly Glueless Full Auto Non Stop Turret Rewinder for Self-adhensive Label

LYDG series turret rewinder is with matured and most advanced technology in the world, and own the ability to work in-line with die cutting machine, printing machine, slitting machine and work off line as a stand-alone solution with a separate unwinder. Automatic tube threading, automatic gluing, automatic cutting & rewinding and automatic label sticking, which can finish your customers’ orders quickly, shorten the lead-time, increase your productivity, save your labor cost and raise your product competitive advantage in the market. It can accept both printed labels and blank labels rewinding.

Machine Application:

This type machine is our latest innovation for small label rolls automatic cutting and rewinding with high-efficiency.
Machine Highlights:
1. Servo driven and with accurate automatic loop tension control
2. Can handle a wide range of roll wide: 330, 450 and 570mm
3. Glue free system can be selected
4. Both Blank label and printed label are available
5. Precision cut in gap of finished label rolls
6. Servo motor control Mechanical arm automatic feeding system

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