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What Affect The Tension Of Slitting Machine? What Affect The Tension Of Slitting Machine?

The factors that cause fluctuations and changes in tension are often complex, and the main influencing factors are roughly as follows:

1. The change in the speed of the machine will inevitably cause changes in the tension of the whole machine;

2. During the rewinding and unwinding process of the slitting machine, the diameter of rewinding and unwinding rolls is constantly changing. The change of diameter will inevitably cause the change of raw material tension. Under the condition that the unwinding torque is constant, the diameter of rolls will decrease and the tension will increase accordingly. The change in rewinding tension is opposite. If the rewinding torque is constant, the tension will decrease as the rewinding diameter of rolls increases. This is the main factor that causes the tension of the raw material to change during machine operation;

3. The change of the tightness of the raw material roll will also cause the change of the tension of the whole slitter machine;

4. Inhomogeneity of raw materials affects the tension of slitter rewinder. For example, the fluctuation of material elasticity, the change of material thickness along the width and length direction, the eccentricity of the mass of the material roll, and the change of temperature and humidity in the production environment will also affect the tension fluctuation of the whole machine;

5. The transmission mechanisms of the slitting machine (such as guide shafts, floating shafts, unfolding shafts, etc.) are unbalanced and air pressure unbalanced.

6. The change of speed during slitting affects the change of tension. When the speed is increased or decelerated, the speed of the main motor changes. Firstly, it causes an instantaneous change in the tension of the material from the unwinding traction to the rewinding section. In the meanwhile, it must take a period of time for the material from vibrate slightly to gradually stabilize the tension. The instability of this tension is manifested in the uneven rewinding of the finished roll and the unevenness of the end surface, which affects the product quality.

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