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Applicable Scheme of Metal Products engineering

Slitting machines are used in all areas of raw material processing and are required for every step in industrial production. LOYAL slitter with a solid and complete structure, greatly increasing the life of the machine. So it is more applied to the long life cycle of the enterprise. In addition, LOYAL slitter on the material have certain requirements, in the slittting process done anti-scratch treatment, slittting effect is good. LOYAL's high standards and high demands on the machine make LOYAL's customer base have the following aspects.

Metal is a kind of material with gloss (ie, strong reflection of visible light), rich in ductility, easy to conduct, heat and other properties of the material. The vast majority of the metal elements on Earth are in the natural state. This is because most of the chemical nature of the metal is more lively, only a very small number of metals such as gold, silver and other free state exists. Metals are widely found in nature, and are widely used in life. They are very important and most widely used in modern industry.

The field of metal is one of the important areas of the LOYAL slitter, and the LOYAL standard configuration uses round knives. Split sharp and accurate. To achieve greater, more high school material slitting.

Applicable scheme of aluminum foil, copper foil and various kinds of metal foil.

Applicable Scheme of Metal ProductsMetal Products
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