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Using the Hamburger Paper Cross Cut Machine Can Improve Work Efficiency Using the Hamburger Paper Cross Cut Machine Can Improve Work Efficiency

Ⅰ. The advantages of the rapid development of the cross cut machine

As the times and demands change, today's Hamburg paper cross-cutting machine is no longer a single cross-cutting equipment. On the initial basis, there are now high-end cross-cutting machine equipment such as fully automatic cross-cutting machine and cross-cutting machine production line. Of course, the birth of these equipment is mainly due to the new technology. Commodity standards are moving towards a unified development trend, and the development potential is unlimited. As far as the crosscutting machines produced by most companies are concerned, taking the road of sustainable development is based on technological innovation. If you want to make the Hamburg paper crosscutting machine very well, you must follow the footsteps of the times and use advanced technology as the roadmap.

Pay full attention to the investment and training of skills, continue to improve and innovate equipment, select new production techniques and materials, strictly implement professional standards, strive to shorten the difference between standards, and promote the stable development of the packaging industry. Such an excellent company can be born.

Hamburg paper cross-cutting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that completes the cross-cutting of various commodities in accordance with the pre-set cross-cutting request. The Hamburg cross-cutting machine uses leading skills and controls, and the optimized planning of the professional skill team makes the stack shape tight, regular and beautiful. This kind of cross-cutting machine has fast cross-cutting speed and stable function, which has become the first choice for many companies' cross-cutting work. With the continuous changes in market needs, the functions and skill levels of the cross-cutting machine are also constantly advancing, bringing higher efficiency to the company's production. The following is an introduction to the cross-cutting machine manufactured by LOYAL.

Ⅱ. Introduction to LOYAL's cross cut machine

1. The purpose of the sandwich paper rotary cutting machine

This machine is specially designed for cutting roll paper materials horizontally and vertically, and is widely used for pressing food wrapping paper, fast food wrapping paper, sandwich wrapping paper, hamburger paper, etc.

2. The characteristics of the hob cross-cutting machine

(1) The hob cross-cutting machine adopts an automatic feeding system, which is simple and convenient to operate.

(2) The machine adopts up and down cycle cutting, and the finished product is neat and without water chestnut. Also, it can perform horizontal and vertical cutting at the same time.

(3)  2 rolls loading, with photoelectric tracking.

(4) The machine uses a servo motor to control fixed-length cutting.

(5)  The machine adopts PLC control and touch screen operation.

(6) The machine adopts pneumatic and displacement sensor control transmission system, which integrates photoelectric and gas. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, high precision, good stability and low noise.

(7) This machine has the function of frequency conversion timing device, automatic counting, alarm shutdown, magnetic powder tension control, vertical type, and blower exhaust.

(8) The machine has the functions of high cutting precision and high speed. The transmission part adopts pneumatic structure combined with computer control, which makes the operation more stable.

(9) The machine has an automatic and orderly stacking function and a photoelectric automatic tracking and facing system.

(10) Fully automatic cutting and packaging. (Packaging is optional)

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