The Paper Cup Flexo Printing Machine Starts a New Pattern for Paper Cup Printing The Paper Cup Flexo Printing Machine Starts a New Pattern for Paper Cup Printing

1. The growth record of flexible packaging

Because of consumer's preference for convenient and sustainable packaging, flexible packaging has become one of the fastest-growing packaging in the packaging market over the past ten years. Asia is the biggest consumer area, accounting for 40% of the global total. The consumption of flexible packaging has increased at the average rate of 6.6% from 2015 to 2020. India and China rank first on the growth of the consumption of flexible packaging, and it is predicted that their annual growth rate will soon reach 9.4% and 6.9% respectively.

2. The paper cup flexo printing machine starts a new pattern for paper cup printing

In 1980s, Environment-friendly printing of paper cups began to emerge in Japan, America, Germany and other countries in which printing industry is well-developed, yet until 2000, environmentally-friendly printing has entered its vigorous development. Environment-friendly printing of paper cups and digital technology will become the trend of paper cups printing. The flexible printing machine in China has also developed rapidly. Ruian Loyal Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the flexo printing machine suppliers and the paper cup flexo printing machines produced by the company can help you to grasp the chance and follow the trend, starting a new pattern of paper cups printing. And the paper cup flexo printing machines that we can provide are as follows:

The paper cup flexo printing machine RY5-320/450/560/850(As shown below)

This 5 colors label paper cup flexo printing machine can be applied to print common papers, cardboards, high-end self-adhesive labels, etc. It is an auxiliary equipment of the multicolor press. When you first polish it, the machine can increase the brightness of the printed object and extend the retention time of colors on it. This printer adopts imported technology of stepless frequency conversion timing, which can improve the quality of your products.

Type                                                      RY5-320   RY5-450   RY5-560   RY5-850

Printing speed                                                       65m/min

Print colors                                                                 five

The maximum width of the paper         320mm    450mm     560mm   560mm

The maximum width of printing            310mm    440mm     550mm   550mm

The maximum diameter of winding                            600mm

The maximum diameter of unwinding                        550mm

The perimeter of printing                                       175mm-320mm

Precision                                                                       ±0.1mm


We, Ruian Loyal Machinery Co., Ltd, as one of the china flexo printing machinery manufacturers, always think that consumers rank the first, and we will provide you with the most advantageous solutions. When meeting consumer's needs, we always keep innovating and updating our products. And we will give you outstanding products and the most suitable services, please contact us at any time and purchase our products!

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