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Maintenance of Hamburg Paper Cross Cutting Machinery Maintenance of Hamburg Paper Cross Cutting Machinery

Ⅰ. Industry application of cross cut machine

The cross-cutting machine can be used for the cutting of coated paper, coated paper, kraft paper, and other paper and paper-plastic composites, plastic sheets, and other roll materials. It is especially suitable for the production of papermaking and Hamburg paper processing industries. Then, when using the hamburger paper cross-cutting machine, it must be maintained regularly, to ensure the smooth operation of the machine and the cutting quality of the product.

First of all, the cross cutting machinery should be installed in a dry, ventilated, well-lit, and easy-to-operate place. Secondly, after each operation, the dust and paper scraps on the machine should be cleaned up in time. Then check the tools and grinding wheels to check whether there are any abnormalities in the running parts, add lubricating oil reasonably, and drain the water in the oil-water separator and the gas storage tank. Finally, cut off the power supply of the cross-cutting machine according to the operating requirements of the manual, and maintain the computer operating system.

The general principle of daily maintenance work is inspection, cleaning, and lubrication, to ensure that these tasks are in place and that all parts of the equipment are in good condition. In addition, it is also very important to improve the technical quality and level of operators. For the operation of the control part, a dedicated person shall be responsible, and no one shall operate by himself without permission. The following is an introduction to the cross-cutting machine made by LOYAL.

Ⅱ. Introduction of LOYAL's cross cutting machinery

1. LOYAL's cross-cutting machine adopts bottom-up circular slitting, and the finished products are neat and without water chestnuts. At the same time, our cross-cutting machine can be used for cross-cutting and slitting at one time.

2. The cross-cutting machine adopts a servo motor to control fixed-length cutting.

3. The cross-cutting machine adopts PLC control and touch screen operation.

4. The cross-cutting machine adopts a pneumatic and displacement sensor control transmission system, which integrates photoelectric and gas. Such a crosscutting machine has the characteristics of convenient operation, high precision, good stability, and low noise.

5. This machine has the function of frequency conversion timing device, can automatically count, alarm, and stop, magnetic powder tension control can be vertical, using a blower to discharge waste.

6. This machine has high-precision cutting, high speed, etc. The transmission part adopts the combination of pneumatic structure and computer control, which makes the operation more stable.

7. This machine has the function of automatically stacking neatly and orderly and also has a photoelectric automatic tracking and facing system.

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