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The Needs of Consumers of Digital Label Printing Machine Are Changing The Needs of Consumers of Digital Label Printing Machine Are Changing

Ⅰ. Shift in consumer demand for label printing machines

According to the survey results, the customer demand for mass customization, speed, short version and on-time delivery has driven the application of digital printing technology. When interviewees were asked how customers' demand for various products changed over time, most interviewees expressed their expectation for faster delivery time (72%), short version (61%), on-time production (59%) and more personalized (54%).

China's digital wide-format sector is in line with the trends we see globally. Not only device types and printing applications, but also the continuous demand for software and end-user integration.

Due to the position of each region in the world's manufacturing industry, the development of China's wide-format market is in sharp contrast to the development of the US, Europe, the Middle East and Africa markets. But it is not surprising, China is also developing its own unique domestic consumption trend. Chinese enterprises and consumers have their own unique requirements in software, hardware and internal communication. Let's take a look at the label printing machine produced by RUIAN LOYAL MACHINERY CO., LTD.

Ⅱ. RUIAN LOYAL's label printing machine

1. Applications of 1 color label glazing flexographic printing machine

Suitable for printing paper, cardboard, high-grade self-adhesive labels, etc.

2. Features of color label glazing flexographic printing machine

This product has the characteristics of wide printing range, no ink pollution, high economic benefit and fast printing speed.

(1) The main motor adopts imported electric frequency conversion speed regulation.

(2) Automatic tension control is adopted for unwinding.

(3) Ultrasonic rectification is used for paper guide.

(4) Part of the printing, using ceramic anilox roller, with long service life, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

(5) The printing unit adopts 360-degree external alignment adjustment. The printing units can be separately connected or released so that other printing units can continue printing.

(6) Each printing unit is equipped with infrared drying device.

(7) The machine has die cutting function.

(8) Automatic measurement.

(9) The parking roller can be automatically separated and transported dynamically at low speed to prevent dry ink.

(10) Paper roll, printing, automatic infrared drying, die cutting and rewinding are completed at one time.


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