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How to Make Ink Layer of Printed Labels Surface Dry Quickly? How to Make Ink Layer of Printed Labels Surface Dry Quickly?

Self-adhesive label is a composite material with paper, film or other special materials as a facial material, adhesive on the back, and silicon-coated protective paper as the backing paper. And after printing, die-cutting and other processing, it becomes a finished label.
Flexo printing is the common printing ways for adhesive labels. This passage will share one of the problems we encounter when flexo printing high-quality labels: What should we do if the ink layers on the surface of the printed label dry slowly or the ink layer falls off as soon as it is wiped? Some Reasons and solutions are as below and hope it can help you.
1.The printing ink layer is too thick or the amount of ink is too large;
2.The additives used in the ink are not suitable;
3. The ink denaturation or the types of ink used are not suitable;
4. Besides, the machine was running too fast.
1. Reduce the thickness of the ink layer;
2. Use special ink that dries quickly;
3. Use matching additives and add matching desiccant;
4. Take measures to extend the drying or curing time of printed products;
5. Raise the room temperature, exhaust the air properly, and speed up the drying speed of the ink.

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