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The Cross-Cutting Machinery Industry Needs Innovative Ideas The Cross-Cutting Machinery Industry Needs Innovative Ideas

Ⅰ. The development of cross cutting machinery industry needs innovation

No matter what kind of mechanical product it is, it is always essential to make innovations if you want to keep up with the times and not be eliminated by the market and consumers.

Cross cutting machine is a mechanical equipment coming up late relatively. As far as the current performance is concerned, it can still keep up with the rhythm of the market and be recognized by consumers. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, the demands of consumers will naturally rise correspondingly. If the cross cutting machinery remains in its present state, it is foreseeable that it will be eliminated.

It is definitely not enough to rely solely on one person or an enterprise to innovate the cross cutting machinery. Innovation needs the support of funds and talents. The former may be satisfied by a single enterprise, but talents are rare in the talent market, and it often takes the whole industry to unite to get enough talents and knowledge to make the crosscutting machine go a step further. Therefore, in order to realize the development and innovation of crosscutting machine, the integration of industry is indispensable.

Only when the whole industry is United to achieve knowledge exchange, can the innovative ideas and knowledge have new development, and can the cross cutting machinery be innovated. Let's introduce the crosscutting machine made by RUIAN LOYAL MACHINERY CO., LTD

Ⅱ. Introduction of the cross cutting machinery of RUIAN LOYAL

1. The use of A4 paper machine

It is suitable for cross cutting after coil printing. This machine is specially used for cutting paper roll materials horizontally and vertically to A4 size.

2. The characteristics of A4 paper machine

1) The bottom-up cycle cutting is adopted, and the finished product is neat and has no edges and corners. At the same time, horizontal cutting and vertical cutting can be carried out simultaneously.

2) Servo motor is used to control fixed-length cutting.

3) PLC control and touch screen operation are adopted.

4) Pneumatic and displacement sensors are used to control the transmission system, which integrates photoelectricity and gas, and has the characteristics of convenient operation, high precision, good stability and low noise,etc.

5) This cross cut machine has the function of frequency conversion timing device, automatic counting, alarm shutdown, magnetic powder tension control, vertical type, and waste discharging function by blower.

6) This machine has high precision cutting, high speed,etc. The transmission part adopts the combination of pneumatic structure and computer control, which makes the operation more stable.

7) This machine has the function of automatic stacking orderly and the optoelectronic automatic tracking system.


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