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Control Technology of Automatic Rewind Machine Control Technology of Automatic Rewind Machine

As the last working procedure of paper industry, the automatic rewind machine is the fastest running mechanical equipment in paper machinery. Its speed can reach 1500-1800 m/min, or even up to 3000 m/min. The automatic rewind machine plays an important role in the paper industry. The rewinder must rewinding the paper rolls from the paper machine to get the finished paper rolls we need. The quality of the finished paper rolls is not only determined by the paper machine, but also by the rewinder.

The working principle of the automatic rewind machine is to install a large volume of paper rolls produced from the paper machine on the rewinder's rewinder's rewinder. In order to maintain a certain tension, a brake device must be installed on the rewinder, and a brake motor must be installed on the rewinder. If a breakage occurs during rewinding, the brake device can also brake quickly and reduce paper loss. The paper sheet is cut into the width we need by the paper guide roll, the paper guide roll and the longitudinal cutting mechanism of the rewinder, and then rewinded into the paper roll according to the required tightness and the diameter of the finished paper roll. The main structural parameters of rewinding machine are the width of rewinding paper, the maximum speed of rewinding machine, the quality of finished paper, the maximum diameter of rewinding roll and rewinding paper, and the method of cutting paper.

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