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The Upgrade of Packaging Market Structure of Flexo Printing Machine Promotes the Prosperity of the P The Upgrade of Packaging Market Structure of Flexo Printing Machine Promotes the Prosperity of the P

Ⅰ. The development of flexo printing machines in the global printing market

In 2017, the overall volume of the global printing market was 48.8 trillion US dollars. The report points out that the global printing industry would still be in the stage of industrial transformation and upgrading in the next five years, and the overall volume is expected to drop slightly to 48.1 trillion US dollars by 2022.

In addition, the report also shows that the value of the global printing industry will increase by 0.8% year on year in the next five years. Compared with 785 billion US dollars in 2017, it is expected to grow to 814.5 billion US dollars by 2022, which shows that the value-added potential of the industry still exists.

The packaging market is an important part of the flexographic printing machine industry. According to another released report "Top Ten Disruptive Forces in the Packaging and Printing Industry from 2017 to 2027", it is expected that by 2021, the global packaging industry market value will reach 1 trillion US dollars.

On the one hand, for emerging economies such as China, India, Brazil, Russia, etc., growing urbanization, housing and construction investment, the development of retail chains, and the emerging healthcare and cosmetics industries are important forces that drive packaging demand.

On the other hand, for economically developed markets, social and market trends have a significant impact on the development of packaging.

The trend of "small family". With the increase in demand for smaller packaging, consumers' increasing demand for product convenience, and men's increasing investment in health and beauty products all have promoted the prosperity of the packaging market.

Ⅱ. Flexo printing machine manufactured by LOYAL

1. The use of flexographic printing machine of 1 color code lustering

Suitable for printing paper, cardboard, high-grade self-adhesive labels, etc.

2. Features of flexographic printing machine of 1 color code lustering

The product has the advantages of wide printing range, no pollution of ink, high economic efficiency, and fast printing speed.

(1) The main motor adopts imported electric frequency conversion speed regulation.

(2) The unwinding adopts automatic tension control.

(3) The guide adopts ultrasonic rectification.

(4) Part of the printing adopts ceramic anilox roller, which has the characteristics of long service life, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

(5) The printing unit adopts 360-degree external alignment adjustment. Printing units can be individually attached or detached so that other printing units can continue printing.

(6) Each printing unit is equipped with an infrared drying device.

(7) Machine with die-cutting function.

(8) Automatic metering.

(9) The parking roller can be automatically disengaged and achieve low-speed dynamic conveying, thus preventing the ink from drying.

(10) Paper roll, printing, infrared automatic drying, die-cutting, and rewinding can be completed at one time.label-glazing-flexographic-printing-machine.jpg

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