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How Much Do You Know About Holographic Rainbow Stickers? How Much Do You Know About Holographic Rainbow Stickers?

The holographic rainbow roll adhesive stickers are a popular material choice due to its supplementary instructions, anti-counterfeiting and beautification. Roll rainbow label stickers are generally made of self-adhesive materials, ordinary films or special materials. They add color to the self-adhesive stickers to make the sticker look more beautiful. Rainbow self-adhesive stickers have a broad application prospect. They not only improve the appearance of products, but also can innovate and reform in product anti-counterfeiting and brand creativity, which has attracted more attention from consumers.


In cosmetics, rainbow stickers can make products more high-end and attract more target light. For products with irregular container shapes, the particularity of rainbow stickers is more suitable for various shapes. In addition, they can also prevent mixing with other household items, which is safer.

Whether it is takeaway or convenience supermarket products, rainbow stickers are required for identification. The rainbow stickers can better reflect the freshness and attractiveness of the product, and has a good advertising effect.


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