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How to Deal with Printing Misregistration of Film Labels? How to Deal with Printing Misregistration of Film Labels?

Film label materials are usually easy to deform when flexographic printing, so it is more difficult to control the registration deviation, often particularly prone to the problem of misregistration. Several common reasons are summarized for inaccurate registration film adhesive paper as below.

1. UV temperature
Flexographic printing machines are basically equipped with UV drying systems. Whether it is UV lamps or LED-UV lamps, they will emit a certain amount of heat during use. If the heat is too high, it will make film adhesive materials Deformation, resulting in misregistration. In order to prevent this phenomenon from happening, most flexographic printing equipment will be equipped with a cooling device on its own UV drying system. At present, the water-cooling cooling device is the most widely used, but due to the different working principles of the water-cooling cooling device on the market, the cooling effect is different. In principle, it is required that the surface temperature of film adhesive paper should not change more than 2°C before entering the UV lamp and after outputting from the UV lamp. If it exceeds this range, the film materials are likely to be affected by high temperature and deformed.

2. Tension control
We must maintain a stable running tension during the flexo printing production process. The more stable the tension, the smaller the overprint error. At the same time, the tension should not be too high. If the running tension is too high, it will cause the film materials to be pulled by tension. Stretching and deformation, resulting in overprint errors. Flexographic printing machines is equipped servo motors to control the tension, mainly because the servo motors can detect the tension changes of the equipment during operation and adjust the tension through the program, so as to ensure the tension is stable during the operation of the equipment. In the same time, the tension will not be too large to cause stretching and deformation of the film material.

3. The physical properties of the material itself
The physical properties of film materials are different, so the temperature changes have different effects on them. For example, the physical properties of BOPP and PET materials are relatively stable, and they are not easy to deform under high temperature conditions; Relatively easy to deform. Therefore, when printing some soft film materials, the temperature of the UV lamp must be controlled within the standard range.

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How to Deal with Printing Misregistration of Film Labels?

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