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What Cause Die Cutting Flying Labels ? What Cause Die Cutting Flying Labels ?

Die-cutting flying label is a common problem in the daily production of self-adhesive label die cutting. Die-cutting flying label refers to the phenomenon in which die-cutting material has been completely cut off but the side of labels is pulled up by the waste discharge. This phenomenon will bring a greater impact on the follow-up work. The main reasons for die-cutting flying labels are as below:

Reason 1: The fluidity of the glue is too strong. Generally speaking, if the fluidity of the glue is strong, the initial viscosity of the self-adhesive material will be strong, giving people the feeling that it feels sticky. However, the glue of such self-adhesive materials is easier to flow back after die-cutting. However, if the fluidity of the glue is too strong, the glue that has been cut will flow back together before the waste is discharged after die-cutting, forming glue drawing. This kind of glue drawing sticks the two sides of the material that has been cut together, so it is easy to cause the label to be picked up by the side of the waste when it is discharged.

If the fluidity of the glue is too strong, you can try the following methods: (1) Wrap a piece of cotton cloth on an iron plate, pour gasoline or other solvents on it, and place it in front of the waste discharge station of the label die-cutting machine. The purpose is to dissolve the glue filament with a solvent before waste discharge. After the glue thread is dissolved, the work of the waste discharge will be smooth, and the label will not be carried by the waste discharge side. (2) Use a hot fan to blow the surface of the material. The purpose is to soften the glue quickly. When the glue softens to a certain extent, the drawing will be easy to break, and it will not be easy to pull the label up.

Reason 2: waste discharge angle is too small. When discharging waste, an angle will be formed between the waste discharge edge and the material, which we call the waste discharge angle. If the angle is too small, it is easy to cause the label to be picked up by the waste edge, especially for small label. This is the reason that the area of the label is small, and the binding force between the label itself and the backing paper will be very light. If the waste discharge angle is also small, the contact length between the waste discharge side and the label will increase. When the waste discharge side is pulled up, the binding force between the waste discharge side and the edge of the label will be greater than the binding force between the label and the backing paper. Therefore, if you encounter a label with a small area, you must find a way to increase the angle of waste discharge to reduce the contact length between the waste discharge edge and the label.

Reason 3: environmental impact. The release force of hot melt adhesive self-adhesive material is greatly affected by temperature. Its release force will be greatly reduced in an environment with a temperature lower than 10°C. It is easy to cause the label to be pulled up during the die-cutting waste discharge process. Therefore, when processing hot melt adhesive self-adhesive materials in winter, pay attention to the indoor temperature, and try to ensure that the temperature is above 15°C.

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