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Brief Introduction of Servo Control System of High-speed Slitting Machine Brief Introduction of Servo Control System of High-speed Slitting Machine

High-speed cutting machine is a powerful cutting machine, mainly used for papermaking, post-printing processing, packaging and so on. It is able to cut the wide roll paper into 1, 400 square sheets. The speed of the machine can be up to 320 meters and it works steadily.

Advantages of high-speed cutting machine:

The range of using paper: 60-550gsm

Paper used for trial: cardboard, chrome paper, kraft paper, heritage paper, double adhesive tape, high gloss paper, gold and silver paper, aluminized paper, laser ray paper, drinking wrapping paper and so on.

Main technology: servo control system, PLC control system, cursor automatic tracking, multi-point brake warning device.

The servo control system can output mechanical displacement (or angle) accurately and track the input displacement (or Angle). Also it can use small power to control load of high power. When the paper in the oil pressure paper frame is not flat, it can be controlled well by the system, and the system can make the output paper parallel and vertical. The servo control system can be transmitted through a series of feedbacks of the machine's hydraulic and electrical system, which can be returned after the analysis and processing of the system.

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