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Basic Knowledge and Development of Automatic Slitter Basic Knowledge and Development of Automatic Slitter

In the modern packaging industry, automatic slitter is an important equipment which is often used before and after printing. The main raw materials such as paper, plastic film and so on are sliced before printing. This is a process that raw material manufacturers must complete in order to meet the breadth requirements of customers and other packaging manufacturers. In the most widely used cutting process after printing and laminating, the printing and laminating films with fixed width and multiple patterns are cut into finished film rolls by automatic cutting machine to adapt to the automatic packaging and bagging process behind.

In the process of automatic slitter, the stable tension system is an important index to ensure product quality. It controls the tension among unwinding, traction, slitting and winding, so that the slitting material is always in a stable state in the process of slitting. If the tension is properly controlled, the deformation and drift of raw materials can be avoided in the process of machine speed-up and speed-down. Generally, the unwinding tension is slightly greater than the sum of the unwinding tension.

Previous slitter mostly used magnetic powder clutch to control tension, but the speed of magnetic powder clutch can not be high. It is easy to cause high-speed friction of magnetic powder in operation, resulting in high temperature, shorten its life, and even stuck in serious cases, which hinders the operation of the machine. With the development of science and technology and the application of servo drive technology, now most of the vector frequency conversion motors are used to control the tension system of the slitter. With the automatic detection of swing rollers, the man-machine interface is intuitive, and the tension system is more stable, reliable and easy to operate. 
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