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The Technological Development of High-Speed Slitting Machine Has Matured The Technological Development of High-Speed Slitting Machine Has Matured

Characteristics and advantages of the development of high-speed slitting machines

High-speed slitting machines are efficient and high-precision processing equipment that are widely used in the papermaking, printing, and paper trading industries.

High-speed slitting machines process roll paper quickly and efficiently with no paper fuzz, neatly stacked paper, and adjustable specifications, making them highly flexible.

The advantages of high-speed slitting machines are reflected in the increasing demand, with many manufacturers producing machines with varying brands and quality, ranging in price from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Machines with good quality are priced higher, but are more durable with fewer faults. Currently, there are many cheap slitting machines on the market that deceive consumers by cutting corners. When purchasing, it is important to carefully compare and choose a trusted brand enterprise.

Previously, high-speed slitting machines relied on imports to meet domestic demand. However, with China's reform and opening-up policies and continuous introduction of technology, the technology has matured and high-speed slitting machines have been domestically produced. Now, let's take a look at the high-speed slitting machine from RaLoyal!

RaLoyal's high-speed slitting machine

LYS-K1300/1600 high-speed slitting rewinding machine for films, papers and PVC

The LYS-K1300/1600 slitting machine is suitable for cutting PET, OPP, PVC, PE, and various flexible rolls, with a fast speed and high productivity. Its cutting speed can reach up to 600m per minute.

The LYS-K1300/1600 slitting machine is mainly used for cutting soft packaging films such as PET, OPP, PVC, PE, and protective films.

The main features of LYS-K1300/1600 automatic ihgh-speed slitting machine:

  • Ergonomic design, high-precision automatic PVC slitting machine processing with a professional team assembly.

  • Tension closed-loop control and real-time monitoring of PLC.

  • Unique structure and cutting unit design to reduce unnecessary after-sales costs.

  • Various cutting modes can be selected to meet the cutting requirements of different materials.

  • Full-process electrostatic treatment to ensure the quality of high-speed rewinding.

  • Equipped with safety protection to prevent personal injury.

RaLoyal has always been committed to providing global solutions for constantly developing market demands, providing customers with competitive customized equipment, including the latest solutions in innovation, technology, and sustainable development. We have agents in Germany and Venezuela to provide instant technical support, minimizing waiting time for our customers. RaLoyal, your loyal conversion solution provider. Welcome to inquire.


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