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Why does the plastic film appear embossment after slitting? Why does the plastic film appear embossment after slitting?

If it is center rewinding, it may be because the rewinding tension is set too large; if it is surface center rewinding, it may be that the pressure is set too large.

In addition, it may be that your tension or film threading method during the unwinding and stretching process has never been adjusted properly, causing the film to wrinkle. It may be that the unwinding film itself has already wrinkled and formed dead wrinkles.

Raloyal HCH2 and HCC series slitter rewinder are designed to improve slitting and rewinding quality of laminate film and stretching plastic film, such as BOPP/PET/PVC/PET etc. The slitter machine has been upgraded in design and configuration this year. For any film slitting issues, Raloyal can provide you the most suitable and professional solution for you.

High-Speed Slitting Rewinder
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