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Prospect of Digital Label Sticker Printing Machine Prospect of Digital Label Sticker Printing Machine

1. Industry development of digital label sticker printing machine

According to statistics, the average annual growth rate of China's label sticker printing machine industry has reached more than 20% in recent years, becoming a new focus of the packaging and printing industry. It is understood that the demand for labels in the daily chemical industry, IT industry, pharmaceutical industry and logistics industry is increasing day by day. In China's label printing market, the application field of digital printing technology has gradually expanded, especially the post-press processing unit supporting the digital printing system has also been widely used.

The development prospects of digital label printing are unanimously optimistic, but product manufacturers and consumers still lack sufficient knowledge and understanding of digital label printing, and most people still take a wait-and-see attitude towards digital label printing.

At present, the biggest obstacle for label printing companies is that the investment required to enter the field of digital label printing is high, and the price of digital label sticker  printing equipment is as high as hundreds of thousands or even millions, which makes many companies discouraged.

However, from the perspective of the country's industrial development trend, the country actively advocates industrial upgrading and technological transformation, which means that digital printing will surely occupy part of the existing traditional printing market in the future. Considering that China's digital label printing market is not mature enough, digital printing can temporarily supplement traditional printing in label printing.

Like economic development, China's digital label printing has the characteristics of unbalanced regional development, which just shows that there is huge room for development in the digital label printing market. Currently, labels for individual needs and small batch orders have become the development trend of the label printing market. It is believed that digital label printing will surely rise rapidly in the upsurge of technological transformation. In the following part, We will introduce a label sticker printing machine made by Ruian Loyal Machinery Co., Ltd

2. Introduction of Ruian Loyal's label sticker printing machine

(1) The use of paper cup printing machine

Suitable for printing paper, cardboard, high-grade labels sticker, etc.

(2) Characteristics of paper cup printing machine

The product has the characteristics of wide printing range, no pollution of ink, high economic efficiency, and fast printing speed.

A. The main motor adopts imported electric frequency conversion speed regulation.

B. The unwinding adopts automatic tension control.

C. The guide adopts ultrasonic rectification.

D. Part of the printing adopts ceramic anilox roller, which has the characteristics of long service life, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

E. The printing unit adopts 360-degree external alignment adjustment. Printing units can be individually attached or detached so that other printing units can continue printing.

F. Each printing unit is equipped with an infrared drying device.

G. Machine with die-cutting function.

H. Automatic metering.

I. The parking roller can be automatically disengaged, and the low-speed dynamic conveying can prevent dry ink.

J. Paper roll, printing, infrared automatic drying, die-cutting, and rewinding are completed at one time.


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