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What Will Cause the Labels to Warp? What Will Cause the Labels to Warp?

We cannot ignore the importance of data. Labeling warping is a common problem encountered by self-adhesive label users, which is divided into warping immediately after labeling and warping 24 hours after labeling. Warping immediately after labeling, that is, the so-called non-sticking, generally has a great relationship with the viscosity of the adhesive in the self-adhesive label, and the reason for warping after 24 hours of labeling is more complicated.

Usually, the causes of labeling warping are wrong selection of self-adhesive materials, poor adhesive viscosity, poor cohesion, unreasonable technological settings, and unreasonable use by customers. In this article, we will share some experiences and solutions for readers to think about.

1. The wrong choice of self-adhesive material for the small bottle causes the label to warp

Bottles with a diameter of less than 30mm are usually called small bottles. If the selected label material itself has a large stiffness, it is easy to warp. Therefore, the self-adhesive label applied to the small bottle body generally uses a strong viscous adhesive, and its adhesive force on the bottle body is much greater than the elasticity of the label surface material to resist deformation, so as to ensure that the label does not warp after labeling.

There are many kinds of self-adhesive materials on the market, most of which are not recommended for the small bottle, but some end users lack professional knowledge and choose inappropriate label materials by mistake, which will cause the label to warp after labeling. Usually, the warping of the label on small bottle caused by the wrong selection of the self-adhesive material will start at the latest a few hours after the labeling, and the warping degree will increase over time.

In view of this, label printing companies must carefully take into account the customer's items to be labeled when receiving orders for self-adhesive labels. If it is found that the customer wants to label the small bottle, it is necessary to consult with the professional self-adhesive material suppliers and choose a material most suitable for the customer to process the label.

2. The poor viscosity of the adhesive causes the label to warp

Some self-adhesive materials decay quickly after leaving the factory for a period of time. In addition, after the finished self-adhesive label leaves the factory, the end user may not use it at the first time, and the warping phenomenon will occur during labeling. The labeling warping caused by this reason usually shows the feature that there is no problem with the label processed by the new material, but there will be a problem with the label processed with the old material, or there will be a problem with the inventory label, and the viscosity of the old and new label materials is very different. Label warping caused by this reason usually begins within a few hours after labeling, and the longer it is, the more serious it is. If you encounter such problems, you can make a complaint to the raw material supplier and ask for the replacement of qualified materials.

3. The poor cohesion of the adhesive leads to warping of the label

Generally speaking, as long as the self-adhesive label does not warp for 24 hours, there will be basically no major problems. Because the adhesive has been completely combined with the surface of the object after 24 hours of labeling, the maximum viscosity value of the adhesive has been reached. But sometimes, the label does not warp after 24 hours of labeling, but it does warp after a longer period of time, why is this?

Usually in this situation, if we carefully observe the object and the label, we will find that a part of the adhesive on the label remains on the surface of the object to be attached. This is due to the insufficient cohesion of the adhesive, which causes that the adhesive is separated under the tension of the stiffness of the label itself. Part of the separated adhesive remains on the label, while the other part remains on the surface to be attached. In such cases, we can ask the self-adhesive material supplier to test whether the cohesion of the adhesive meets its quality standards.

4. Unreasonable technological settings lead to labeling warping

For some labels using glazing technology, if there is no gap in the middle after the label is wrapped around the object to be attached for a week, and the two sides are stacked together, because the gloss oil itself contains a certain amount of silicone oil, it is easy to warp after the label is attached. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the glazing technology for labels that are used in the foregoing way, and it is better to use the lamination technology.

5. Unreasonable use by customers leads to warping of labels

Some customers put the product in a cold storage with a very low temperature immediately after labeling; some customers take out the object to be attached from the cold storage, and then carry out the labeling under the condition that there is still condensation on the surface of the object to be attached; Some customers will stick labels on steel or iron plates placed in the open air, or in a dusty environment. The above are all unreasonable applications, which can easily cause the label to warp.

Whether it is a label manufacturer or an end user, the most suitable label should be selected according to the actual application of the label. If you do not understand the relevant knowledge, you can ask a professional self-adhesive material supplier to help solve the problem and find the most suitable material for self-adhesive label.

There are still many problems we will encounter in actual production and application, but due to the limited length, the author cannot describe them all. I hope to have the opportunity to communicate with you more in the future. In addition, there are many ways to solve the same problem. I believe that there are many colleagues who have better solutions to the problems mentioned in this article. I hope this article can play a role in attracting new ideas and let more colleagues share their valuable experience accumulated in practice with you.

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