The Packaging Industry Cannot Develop without the Slitter Rewinder Machine The Packaging Industry Cannot Develop without the Slitter Rewinder Machine

1. The importance of the packaging machinery industry

The packaging machinery develops healthily and rapidly and its development velocity keeps ahead in the machinery industry. The growth of the packaging industry can not be seperated from the improvement and innovation of technology. Packaging shouldn't be ignored as for any product, for packaging is a significant and strategic element that plays an important role in consumption decisions. There are kinds of machines used in the packaging industry, including the glazed printing paper slitting machine. And two types of surface coil slitter rewinder machine produced by Ruian Loyal Machinery Co. Ltd will be introduced as follows.

2. Two types of surface coil slitter rewinder machine produced by Ruian Loyal Machinery Co. Ltd

(1) HC-C650 / 1300 / 1600A surface coil slitter rewinder machine

This type of ruian slitter rewinder machine can be used to slice the scratch paper, the aluminium foil, BOPP, PET, CPP, PE, PVC, the film and other papers, etc. into narrow pieces and then rewind them. The body of the machine is made of 30mm heavy steel, so as to ensure that the machine work well, enjoy a long life and keep a cutting speed of 150 m/min. The length is self-adjusting, so when the length is set, it will stop by itself to maintain the stability of the product. The rotating rot is made of hard aluminium oxide, in an attempt to protect materials and prevent scratches. It is a core piece and packaging material slitting machine.

Type of the machine        HC-C650A      HC-C1300A       HC-1600A

Width of the roll                 650mm          1300mm           1600mm

Standard width of slicing    5-650mm       5-1300mm       5-1600mm

Slicing speed                       150m/min       150m/min      150m/min

Diameter of the winding roller    600mm        1000mm     1000mm

Diameter of the unwinding roller  600mm       600mm       600mm

Power of the main motor                  11kw         11kw          11kw

Installation dimention    2500mm*1850mm*1800mm     3150mm*2500mm*1800mm 3150mm*2800mm*1800mm


(2) HC-T700 / 900 /1100 thermosensitive paper surface coil slitter rewinder machine (As shown in chart 2)

This type of chinese slitter rewinder machine is mainly used to slice various kinds of thermo-sensitive paper, TTR, fax paper, register paper, bills paper, medical record paper, pos printing paper, ATM roll paper, thin film and self-adhesive paper, etc. You only need to set the diameter and thickness values, and then PLC will provide proper parameters to the machine to make sure it can run automatically. This machine is equipped with the automatic tension control system so it is convenient to put roll paper in it. The variable frequency drive is adopted as the main frequency converter, and the speed can be seen on the operation panel.

Type of the machine               HC-T700A       HC-T900A        HC-T1100A

The maximum width            660mm       860mm      1060mm

The maximum diameter                 1000mm

The maximum rewind diameter           150mm

Speed of the machine                  150m/min

Precision of painting                         ±0.2mm

Voltage                                   three-phase 380v 50hz

Ruian Loyal Machinery Co. Ltd is a leading supplier who provide overall solutions to automatic packaging. The machines here can improve your work efficiency astoundingly and reduce your production cost. Welcome to consult and purchase our products!

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