Automation Development of Hamburg Paper Cross Cutting Machinery Automation Development of Hamburg Paper Cross Cutting Machinery

1. The development and changes of Hamburger paper cross cutting machinery

1) Digitization: At present, most of the cross-cutting machines are controlled by computers. With the continuous development of technology, the digital hamburger paper cross-cutting machine is emerging. In recent years, in many printing equipment exhibitions, there are already more and more mature digital cross-cutting machines have been increasing. In the future, the combination of the digital cross-cutting machine and other printing equipment is worthy of attention.

2) Integration: the traditional cross cutting machinery is connected with the same brand of equipment when it is connected with other equipment, which is troublesome and complicated. The current development can realize arbitrary connection between different brands, and the future development strategy is arbitrary connection and arbitrary collocation between different brands and devices.

3) Automation: pursue the highest production output with the least manpower and material resources, which is the manufacturer's favorite thing. In today's increasingly automated world, people continue to improve the number of hamburger paper cross-cutting machine, continue to pursue the goal of highly automated equipment, and realize the ideal of unmanned operation is getting closer and closer.

Automated hamburger paper cross cut machine is a kind of cross-cutting device connected to a computer system and controlled by computer. The operation of the shaft can be controlled by the computer. It can set the length of the cut, determine the direction of the cut, etc. Let's introduce you to the cross-cutting machine made by LOYAL.

2. The introduction of cross cutting machinery made by LOYAL

1) The purpose of the corrugated paper tablet press

This machine is suitable for a variety of paper, stickers, paper aluminum composite, film, OPP, PVC, pearl film, film composite, color printing composite, nonwovens and other large packaging materials cutting. Widely used in cutting hamburger paper, sandwich paper and other food wrapping paper.

2)The character of the corrugated paper tablet press

Panasonic PLC control, servo motor control fixed length cutting. The transmission system uses pneumatic, photoelectric sensors and other centralized control. This machine sets light, electricity, gas in one, it is easy to operate, with high cutting accuracy, good mechanical stability, low noise. (Optional pneumatic feed), it has the function of motor variable frequency control, automatic counting, alarm shutdown, automatic adjustment of magnetic powder taper tension. It is currently the ideal equipment for high-quality large coil cutting.


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