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Demand for Flexographic Printing Machine has Risen Sharply Demand for Flexographic Printing Machine has Risen Sharply

1. Development background of flexographic printing machine

Flexographic printing has become the fastest growing and most potential printing process in the printing industry today, and it is growing rapidly at a rate of nearly 5% per year. Green, environmental protection, and pollution-free are becoming the mainstream of the printing industry. The characteristics of low investment, high efficiency, and wide application range make flexo printing the preferred printing solution for various packaging products.

Most of the commodity packaging seen in the US market is almost all flexographic printing products. According to statistics, the current US market share of flexographic printing is 70% in flexible packaging printing, 85% in label printing, 98% in corrugated printing, 25% in carton printing, and its global value will reach 167.7 billion. US dollars, these figures are enough to prove the strong vitality of flexographic printing.

2. Advantages of RUIAN LOYAL Flexographic Printing Machine

As a professional manufacturer of flexographic printing presses, RUIAN LOYAL MACHINERY CO.,LTD can provide customers with products with excellent performance. The specific models are as follows:

1) RY1-320 (Figure 1)

This flexographic printing machine is an auxiliary equipment for the multi-color printing machine. It can increase the brightness of the product and the storage time of the product color, improve the quality of the product, and it can also be used to print monochrome stickers and various supermarket labels.

Model RY1-320

Printing speed 65m/min

Printing color 1

Maximum paper width 320 mm

Maximum printing width 310 mm

Maximum unwinding diameter 600 mm

Maximum winding diameter 600 mm

Printing circumference 175-350 mm

Accurate ±0.1 mm

Main motor 1.5kw

Switchboard 4kw

Machine size 1900×1100×1500 mm

Flexographic printing machine

Flexographic printing machine

2) LYT4-800/1000/1200/1300 (Figure 2)

It can be used for printing on rolls, paper, non-woven fabrics, PVC, OPP, BOPP, PE, NY, PET, CPP and other flexible packaging roll materials.

Machine model LYT4-800 LYT4-1000 LYT4-1200 LYT4-1300

Maximum printing material width 800 mm 1000 mm 1200 mm 1300 mm

Maximum printing width 760 mm 960 mm 1160 mm 1260 mm

Maximum winding diameter 1300 mm

Printing length range 228-1000 mm

Printing speed 5-100m ∕ min

Registration accuracy ≤±0.15mm

Printing color as required

Flexographic printing machine

RUIAN LOYAL MACHINERY CO.,LTD has a service team with rich experience, self-confidence and diligence, unity and cooperation, and creative execution. We are based on accumulated years of design planning and marketing practical experience, while absorbing all the concepts and using unique creativity thinking gives full play to the unique professional level, all our products have passed internal quality standards, and won the trust of customers with high-quality service and work efficiency. Customers are welcome to come and buy our products.

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