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The Process Requirements for Operating Paper Cutting Machines The Process Requirements for Operating Paper Cutting Machines

1. Paper cutting machine will fit in rolls or sheets of raw materials for fixed length cutting processing, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging boxes, plates, film, leather, wood and cutting processing, the fixed length slitting control is used.

2. The fixed-length dividing control is divided into two types: static and dynamic. When the set length arrives, the machine will stop correctly, then the static parting will be cut and processed, and then the operation will be restarted; When the set length arrives, the cutting signal is not stopped, and the cutting machine is dynamically cut and processed in the process of material movement.

3. The most important performance index is the cutting precision, the finished product length is good.

4. The cut length can be set continuously. If the actual cut length has the error, it is easy to calibrate by setting parameters.

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