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What Will be the Future Development of Color Management? What Will be the Future Development of Color Management?

Color management is always an unavoidable topic in printing industry. Because the essence of printing is a copy of the original, and color reproduction is a factor that must be considered. Since the invention of laser phototypesetting technology at the end of the 20th century, after decades of development, color management has also developed vigorously with the advancement of printing technology. What will happen to the trend of color management? This article will focus on the future development of color management.

01 Digitization

Color management is built on the basis of color measurement data, digitizing color, using data to manage color, and then forming standards, and then using standards to measure and evaluate colors to reduce dependence on artificial experience or feelings. This is modern color management. The core theory of management. From the popularization of color measuring instruments, the spread of digital scoring systems, and customers’ preference for data reports, we can see the development of the trend of digitalization. I believe this trend will continue to extend in the future. Through more advanced and smarter Advanced data collection and perception methods allow more and more factors in the entire printing process to be digitized, forming big data in the true sense. After all, everything that can be digitized will eventually be digitized.

02 Intelligent
The intelligence of color management is based on data. At present, some digital printing machines have color monitoring setting function. When an abnormal color is detected, the device will automatically calibrate the color, so as to ensure that the output color is standard and can meet the standard, thus avoiding the dependence on the ability of the operator to a large extent. At the same time, the color management process can also be automated. With the help of automated program design and online measurement equipment, the equipment can automatically complete its own color calibration without relying on manual operations. The forward-looking G7 artificial intelligence calibration system certification (G7 AI Master) of Idealliance in the United States is to meet this demand scenario. At present, HP Indigo 100K, 15K and other digital printing presses have obtained this certification. It can be expected that artificial intelligence and printing will be combined more closely in the future, combining the status of the equipment, the demand of the order, the change of the medium, and the conversion of the material to automatically select the appropriate standard, and carry out real-time non-manual intervention color management.

03 Personalization
Personalization is to please customers and consumers, and to develop new market demands on the basis of standardization. With the popularization of the standard and the subdivision of the market, the color conforming to the ISO standard has been taken for granted and can no longer attract the attention of consumers. However, the wide color gamut represented by CMYKOGV has brought brand new experience to buyers. For special light sources, or the color management of special inks such as rose red ink, fluorescent ink, scented ink, and temperature-changing ink, it is expected to be further developed. At the same time, the wide application of special media such as gold and silver cards, film, and laser paper will greatly expand the research field of color management. In addition, the application of personalized spot colors such as gold, silver, and white will also be a beautiful landscape in the future color management.

Color management has never been completed, but in progress now. It needs to keep pace with the times and bring forth new ideas in order to maintain its vitality forever.

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