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The Influence of Dust on High-speed Slitting Machine Can Not Be Ignored The Influence of Dust on High-speed Slitting Machine Can Not Be Ignored

Everyone knows that dust always has a lot of harm for high-tech things, and high-speed cutting machine is a kind of high precision equipment of paper cutting, so it is very easy to be affected by the surrounding environment and too much dust, which may cause the fault on the cut machine.

There must be a lot of dust in the environment of working. When the high-speed slitting machine is in operating, it is inevitable to produce large amounts of dust. And dust has enormous influence on the high-speed slitting machine (dust→scratches→water→electrochemical reaction→rust→loose→vibration→fatigue→micro crack→crack→fracture→the final failure; dust→scratches→leakage of lubricating medium→poor lubrication→rapid wear→vibration→fatigue→microcrack→fracture→failure). A little carelessness will cause trouble.

Therefore, the operator of the high-speed slitting machine should keep the habit of cleaning the dust on the cutting machine every once in a while, so as to avoid the machine failure caused by the long uncleaning. This also verifies that a sentence that sharpening your axe will not delay your job of cutting wood. So that regularly clean the high speed slitting machine can ensure the normal operation of the machine.

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