ROYAL PP Film Slitting Machine Promotes the Circular Economy of Packaging Market ROYAL PP Film Slitting Machine Promotes the Circular Economy of Packaging Market

I. Future data of PP film application market

It is predicted that the market consumption of PP film will explode from 2020 to 2025. PP film accounted for 41.7% of the global single material plastic packaging film market in 2020.

In order to improve printing suitability, PP can be compounded with PE materials in some applications, and the recycling process is easier. More and more countries and brand enterprises around the world are promoting circular economy, which has become an important factor affecting the application of recyclable PP film packaging. This initiative aims to improve the efficiency of plastic recycling treatment.

II. The recommendation of ROYAL PP film slitting machine models

With the increasing awareness of sustainable development and ecological environment protection, PP film packaging is also widely used. PP film manufacturers generally buy PP film slitting machines to help them produce and manufacture PP films. Here is to recommend a few PP film slitting machines sold by RUIAN LOYAL MACHINERY CO., LTD.:

1. HC-C650 / 1300 / 1600B slitting machine (as shown in Picture 1)

With a round knife (the film adopts flat knife structure) cutting waste and an automatic unloading device, this machine is very suitable for cutting PP film. Pneumatic shaft structure and back type rewinding are adopted in rewinding, which makes it easy to operate.

Machine model: HC-C650BHC-C1300B HC-C1600B

Unrolled width: 650 mm, 1300 mm, 1600 mm

The slitting thickness: 12 g /m2 ~ 300 g /m2 , 12 g /m2 ~ 300 g /m2 , 12 g /m2 ~ 300 g /m2

Standard slitting width: 5 ~ 650 mm, 5 ~ 1300 mm, 5 ~ 1600 mm

Slitting speed 300m/min, 300m/min, 300m/min

Diameter of uncoiler: Φ600 mm, Φ1000 mm, Φ 1000 mm

Winding diameter: Φ600 mm, Φ600 mm, Φ 600 mm

Main motor power: 3 KW, 7.5 KW, 7.5 KW

Winding motor power: 2×3 KW, 2×7.5 KW, 2×7.5 KW

The weight of the machine: 2500kg, 3000kg, 3500kg

Mounting dimensions: 2500 * 1850 * 1800 mm, 3150 * 2500 * 1800 mm, 3150 * 2800 * 1800 mm

PP film slitting machine



Flexible coiled materials (PET, OPP, PVC, PE, etc.) slitting and rewinding.

Main characteristics:

1. Ergonomic design, high precision automatic equipment processing, professional team assembly.

2. Tension closed-loop control, PLC real-time monitoring.

3. Unique structural design, reduce unnecessary after-sales costs.

4. Choose various cutting methods to meet the cutting requirements of various materials.

5. Static electricity in the whole process to ensure the rewinding quality at high speed.

6. Equipped with safety protection to avoid personal injury.

Main technical parameter:

Machine model



Unwinding width



Machine speed



Unwinding diameter



Rewinding diameter

2 × Φ600mm

2 × Φ600mm

PP film slitting machine

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