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What field can label rolls be applied? What field can label rolls be applied?

1. Product label
Commodity self-adhesive labels are usually made of materials that are sticky, hard and waterproof. It can be used for product identification, serial number, price, composition and other information, and it is also an essential tool for product sales and management. It has become one of the important ways of modern commodity identification, providing merchants with better marketing means and consumers with a richer shopping experience, and also providing consumers with better commodity protection.

2. Packaging label
The outer packaging label is usually attached to the product packaging. It is one of the important publicity and promotion tools for enterprises, and it is also a reference for consumers when choosing products. With the intensification of market competition and the diversification of consumer demand, the label should indicate the product specifications, ingredients, production date, shelf life and related quality certification information, so that consumers can understand the basic information of the product. The material has excellent weather resistance and adhesion, and can withstand the erosion of various diluents and chemicals in different environments.

3. Transport labels
Self-adhesive labels can record important information about the goods, such as the direction of transport, the name of the goods, the date of delivery, etc., It can help in the management of logistics and transport. Transport labels are mainly divided into the following categories:
1. RFID tags: RFID is a radio frequency identification technology that can identify the information on the tag without touching the identification mark. RFID tags are widely used in courier, logistics, transportation, storage and other industries.
2. Barcode labels: barcode labels use barcode technology to quickly read the information on parcels and goods. Barcode labels are mainly used in urban courier, logistics and supermarket scenarios.
3. QR code tag: QR code tag is a two-dimensional code tag with large information capacity and fast scanning speed. QR code tag is widely used in logistics, express delivery and e-commerce platforms and other scenarios.

4. Food label
Food labels generally display the product name, brand name, net content, ingredient list, shelf life, production date and batch number, nutritional content list, etc. When consumers choose products, they make judgments based on the content on food labels and learn about important information such as food ingredients, so as to ensure food safety and ensure consumers know.

5. Medical labels
A medical label is a kind label for marking drugs, medical equipment and medical devices. It contains information such as the manufacturer, brand, batch, use, etc., and provides important information for doctors and patients.
Several common medical labels:

To sum up, self-adhesive labels have a wide range of application in commodity, packaging, transportation, food and medical, providing convenient and efficient identification products for various industries.

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