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What Should Be Noticed When Doing Equipment Maintenance? What Should Be Noticed When Doing Equipment Maintenance?

Thoroughly clean the label printing machine

Since many printing companies have busy production tasks and employees do not have much time to do thorough cleaning of the equipment, it is necessary to spend a day before the Spring Festival to clean the equipment thoroughly.

When doing thorough cleaning, it is necessary to clean up the ink accumulated on the daily equipment, without leaving any dead corners. Because the ink residues and ink skins left by these inks after drying can easily fall onto the print products and affect the print quality. In addition, if they fall on the machine's transmission components, it is also easy to damage the transmission components of the Label Printing Machine.

In addition to the ink accumulated in daily use, there are also some places on the equipment (especially some dead corners that are not easily noticed) that are prone to accumulate dust, paper scraps, etc. These places also need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Special attention should be paid to some places that we don't think about easily, such as the cylinder inside the UV lamp. This place is easy to leave dust and condensation water, which can easily cause damage to the cylinder if they enter the cylinder.

In addition, there are oil lines in the equipment. Some equipment's oil lines have been blocked for a long time, causing the lubricating oil to not run properly and increasing the equipment's wear and tear. These places are often ignored in daily cleaning, so it is recommended to thoroughly clean these places that are not usually visible and easy to overlook.

Also, many Label Printing Machine need compressed air. The total air inlet of the equipment will have a pressure gauge, and there will generally be a water-receiving tank. Before the holiday, check carefully whether the water in the water-receiving tank is full. If it is full, drain it in time to avoid condensate entering the equipment air circuit and causing damage to the equipment.

Oil maintenance for label printing machine

After cleaning the dust, ink and debris on the equipment, the equipment needs to be oiled and maintained thoroughly. According to the author's knowledge, many devices are running out of oil, so it is necessary to thoroughly oil and maintain the equipment before the holiday. The main places that need to be oiled are as follows:

Gear transmission position of the equipment

These places need to be greased to make the equipment run smoother and reduce gear wear, thus increasing the service life of the equipment.

Oil lines of the equipment

Many devices have their own oil lines, which are responsible for delivering lubricating oil to various lubrication points of the device. It is necessary to check whether there is oil in the oil tank or whether the oil is sufficient. If there is no oil or it is insufficient, it should be replenished in time. At the same time, check whether the oil line is blocked. If it is blocked, it should be cleaned in time.

Oil holes of the equipment

In addition to the oil lines, there are many places on the surface of the Label Printing Machine that need oiling, and these places often have oil holes. Lubricating oil needs to be added frequently to these places. When maintaining before the holiday, special attention should be paid to adding oil to all holes that need to be filled with oil.

Maintenance of the accessories of the label printing machine

In addition to the main body of the equipment, the accessories of the equipment also need to be maintained. These accessories include plate rollers, polishing rollers, and mesh rollers. We can carefully check whether the bearings at both ends of the plate roller are running normally and whether they are too tight. If so, they can be cleaned or replaced.

Is the surface of the polishing roller smooth? Are there any pitting and dents? If so, it can be sent back to the manufacturer for repolishing or wrapping. Especially for the mesh roller of the flexo press machine, it is often not cleaned thoroughly in daily use, and the mesh holes are blocked. It is a good opportunity to clean it carefully and keep the mesh roller in the best condition.

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