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How to Solve the Ink Loss of Film Self-adhesive Label Printing? How to Solve the Ink Loss of Film Self-adhesive Label Printing?

1 Poor surface coating

Film-like materials have low surface tension and need to be coated before being made into adhesive raw materials. Poor coating can lead to ink loss in printing. It usually shows that the ink falls off in a large area, especially in the tape test, the surface ink will be stuck by the tape in a large area. At this time, the raw material supplier needs to replace a batch of qualified materials, or the printing company can print another layer of primer oil to increase the surface tension, but it will increase the cost.

2 Poor match between ink and material

The ink loss caused by this reason is usually manifested as flakes or sporadic. The material cannot be replaced due to factors such as material cost and customer demand. At this time, you can find the ink that matches the material through the ink supplier. At the same time, the printing factory can also take some auxiliary measures, such as corona treatment of the material in advance.

3 Poor corona effect

The ink loss of the film material is related to the surface energy of the material. The stronger the surface energy, the stronger the ink adhesion, and vice versa. However, the corona effect will decay over time, and it may cause ink loss during printing. This kind of phenomenon is more common in cheap BOPP and PE materials. Considering the high coating cost, most manufacturers will carry out corona treatment on them. In this case, the manufacturer or supplier should re-corona before printing.

4 Poor UV drying

Most of the self-adhesive materials are printed with UV ink, so if the drying is not complete, the ink will fall off. This situation manifests as one or two colors of ink falling off. You only need to increase the power of the UV lamp or replace the UV lamp to solve the problem.

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