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The Cautions for Using of Non-woven Fabrics Slicing Machine The Cautions for Using of Non-woven Fabrics Slicing Machine

Nowadays, non-woven fabrics are used more and more widely and they are closely bond up people's lives,non-woven fabrics are popular as a kind of new materials because of their environmental protection, air permeability, moisture resistance, light mass and low price, therefore,non-woven fabricsnow are getting widely used, today I will summarize the cautions for using ofnon-woven fabricsslicing machine:

1. The power source of drilling crew should use three-phase four-wire system (AC380V) and it should be grounded safely, so that  make sure the safety of operators.

2. Regulate the speed of mainframe to the minimum firstly before starting the power switch ofnon-woven fabricsslicing machine.

3. Take care when you are installing blade fornon-woven fabricsslicing machine, in case that you will be scratched by blade.

4. Feed oil and maintaindrilling crew where need to be refueledregularly.

5.Non-woven fabricsslicing machineshould be arranged in dry, ventilated, bright and convenient place.

6. If the machine has something wrong or the slitting effect is not good, operators should stop the machine in time and ask the professional staff to check and repair it. Generally speaking, as long as you pay attention to the above-mentioned six points, so you can make sure the stable operation and better effect.

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