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Lithium Battery Pole Piece Slitting Machine is the Most Important Mechanical Equipment for Lithium B Lithium Battery Pole Piece Slitting Machine is the Most Important Mechanical Equipment for Lithium B

I. The development background of lithium battery pole piece slitting machine

According to the prediction of relevant industry research institutions, the market demand of lithium power will reach 694.265 billion yuan in 2025, with a market capacity of 439.32GWh. The manufacturing of lithium battery pole piece is a key process in the lithium battery production, and the current market demand for lithium battery pole pieces is increasing, so the slitting of pole pieces has become a process that cannot be ignored.

Therefore, lithium battery pole piece slitting machine has become the most important mechanical device for lithium battery manufacturers. In order to produce the best quality lithium-ion batteries, they are stocking up on devices that can slice and dice lithium-ion batteries more efficiently and quickly.

II. The introduction of LOYAL lithium battery pole piece slitting machine

RUIAN LOYAL MACHINERY CO., LTD. specializes in providing slitter rewinder machines. We have a special slitting machine for the slitting and rewinding of lithium battery pole pieces. The following is the specific introduction of this model:

HC-650 automatic slitting machine (as shown below)

1. Characteristics

The machine can realize the functions of automatic checking, automatic calibration and automatic counting in the cutting process. The machine is small and the power required is extremely low. It has high precision and high sensitivity as a device for slitting lithium battery pole pieces. The material received and discharged passes through two high-precision air shafts, and the tension is stabilized under the control of the magnetic powder fracture and the magnetic powder clutch. It has the advantages of fast, accurate cutting and simple operation.

2. Technical parameters

Machine model: HC-650

Maximum unwinding width:650 mm

Main motor power:2.2 KW

Slitting speed:100 m/min

Slitting accuracy: ± 0.03 mm

Diameter of unwinding roller: 600 mm

Diameter of winding roller: 450 mm

Machine weight: 1900 kg

The external dimension of the HC-650 Automatic Coil Slitter Rewinder Machine: 3000 * 2400 * 1230 mm

RUIAN LOYAL MACHINERY CO., LTD. adheres to the creed of "quality is our life". From the beginning to the end, we attach great importance to quality control and carry out repeated testing before delivery. We fulfill the eternal promise of perfection on the basis of science and technology as well as quality. In order to provide customers with the most professional services and to achieve self-development, RUIAN LOYAL MACHINERY CO., LTD. always keeps forward with an aggressive attitude.

We warmly welcome customers to cooperate with us and walk towards success together!

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