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The Composition of the Rotary Sitting Machinery The Composition of the Rotary Sitting Machinery

The rotary slitting machinery is mainly composed of unwinding, slitting, winding, mechanical transmission and electrical system.

1. Unwinding system: It consists of a reel and a tapered head clamping cylinder with a maximum diameter of 1 00mm. The unwinding tension of the system is controlled by a high-power magnetic powder brake. When cutting, the tension of the system can be obtained by the operator adjusting the current of the magnetic powder brake according to the actual situation, so that the tension during the whole working process is uniform and stable.
2. Cutting system: It consists of main components such as upper circular cutter shaft, lower bottom cutter shaft and transmission gear. The process of slitting is actually the process of the circular knife and the bottom knife engaging and rotating. The process of meshing is completed by two eccentric sleeves. First, the indexing of the outer surface of the eccentric sleeve is rotated by the indexing of the handle, so that the connecting rod moves downward, and the round knife is inserted into the bottom sipe to make it engage the rotation to complete the slitting process of the slitter.

3. Winding system: mainly consists of reel, clamping nut, card, Huff joints and so on. Its main motion is transmitted from the speed control motor to the reel. The speed of the winding speed can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the motor: The short distance between the winding and the slitting makes the deviation of the cut material in the stroke less, so that a smooth winding is obtained.

4. Transmission system: It consists of main parts such as speed regulating motor, one-way overrunning clutch, large and small transmission pulley and reducer. The small pulley is driven by the overrunning clutch, and then the large pulley is driven by the small pulley. However, the movement is transmitted to the Huff joint through the reducer to drive the reel movement. When the rotary slitting machinery is working, its slitting speed (winding speed) can be obtained by directly adjusting the motor speed.

5. Electrical system: speed control motor is controlled by thyristor to achieve uniform stepless speed regulation. Motor and magnetic powder brake are controlled by electrical box. The motor's speed range is 125~1250r/min. 
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