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Four Points should be Noted When Using High-speed Cutting Machine Four Points should be Noted When Using High-speed Cutting Machine

The high-speed cutting machine, as the name suggests, is the paper cutting machine with high speed running. It has high machining efficiency and high precision, which is widely used in paper-making and printing.

The following four points should be noted when using a high-speed splice machine:

1. Please ensure that the values of voltage, current and hydraulic pressure are correct and stable before starting.

2. Before the high-speed cutting machine is ready for operation, all staff must be notified to leave the equipment to ensure that the high-speed cutting machine does not endanger the safety of the person.

3. When it is working, the staff must not touch the running roll or coil core to avoid personal injury.

4. During operation, we should not use a knife or hard object to cut and cut each roll.

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