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Key Developments in Digital Wide-format Label Printing Market Key Developments in Digital Wide-format Label Printing Market

How does label printing machine perform in the digital wide-format market?

China is the world's second largest advertising market, with a market research company eMarketer valued at about US $78 billion in 2016. Among them, printing expenditure accounts for about 7% of advertising media expenditure, which is about US $5.5 billion.

In 2016, television still accounted for the largest share of advertising, accounting for 53% of the total expenditure. Although spending on traditional print advertising, especially newspaper advertising, has declined year by year, this does not mean that all print advertising figures are declining. Outdoor advertising is the third largest media type in China. 

China's advertising market is entering a new era of advertising, and the growth of all advertising media is beginning to level off. However, there are several key points in the growth of the printing industry.

The market size of the packaging sector in the Asia-Pacific region reached about $130 billion in 2020. According to APTECH's research, China's printing and packaging industry is the largest in the world, with China growing by about 6% during 2016-2020. Food packaging (such as folding cartons, flexible packaging and metal cans) are key drivers of growth in the region. The following is an introduction to the label printing machine made by RUIAN LOYAL.

RUIAN LOYAL's label printing machine

The use of wide web paper flexo printing machine


The feature of wide web paper flexo printing machine

(1) Control mode: PLC control.

(2) Ceramic anilox roller: equipped with ceramic anilox roller, the number of lines is 50PLI ~ 800PLI.

(3) Ink: Automatic circulation system is adopted, and a single small motor is used for ink supply.

(4) Speed regulation: frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, with small operation fluctuation.

(5) Unwinding EPC: High-end automatic photovoltaic correction control system is adopted.

(6) Roll rewinding and unwinding mode: magnetic powder automatic tension control is adopted.

(7) inking method: single-sided scraper inking.

(8) Lifting plate: hydraulic automatic landing plate.

(9) Steel roller: special steel is used and processed by special technology. It is plated with 8-wire thick hard chromium protective layer and jumps less than 0.03mm.

(10) Traction guide roller: semi-sealed small bearings are used to manufacture Japanese static balance horizontal treatment, hard oxidation treatment, low resistance and small beating.

(11) Drying device: equipped with three groups of ventilation and blast heating devices, the heating is controlled by the central constant temperature control system and group control.

(12) Body: Thicker wall plate and base make the machine more stable.


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