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What to Do if There are Impurities in the Laminating Process? What to Do if There are Impurities in the Laminating Process?

Laminating impurities refers to the appearance of dirt, dust and etc. in the laminating process, which affects product quality. The main causes of impurities appearance in the laminating are as below:

1. Dirty material surface

The surface of self-adhesive materials with dirt, dust, paper hair, paper dust, etc. can easily become impurities in the laminating process. Therefore, the surface of the material needs to be dusted by dusting cloth or dusting rollers during the production process.

In addition, some paper-based self-adhesive materials themselves fall off powder which is also easy to become lamination impurities. It is difficult to completely remove with dust removal rollers. If you encounter this kind of material and don’t have time to timely replace the material, you can consider the use of primer coating way to solve.

2. floating dust

The environment of the workshop also has a great impact on the quality of the lamination. If too much dust floating in the workshop, it is easy to lead to impurities in the laminating process. Mopping the floor at least twice a day to ensure that the ground is clean, thus reducing the workshop floating dust.

3. Static electricity

When printing film-based self-adhesive materials, it generates a lot of static electricity, which attracts dust in the workshop environment and leads to impurities when laminating the film. Therefore, in addition to keeping the workshop environment clean, it is also necessary to control the humidity in the workshop. The relative humidity of the workshop should be kept at about 50%~60%. It is suggested that enterprises with conditions can buy industrial humidifier to control workshop humidity, and enterprises without conditions can solve the problem by mopping the floor.

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