The Development of the Global Slitting Rewinding Machine Industry Tends to Continue to Grow The Development of the Global Slitting Rewinding Machine Industry Tends to Continue to Grow

1. Analysis of the status quo of the development of the slitting rewinding machine industry

1) For industry structure analysis, the slitting rewinding machine industry is centralized. From a regional perspective, Europe is the largest income region for paper cut machine and a leader in the entire paper cut machine industry. From a geographical point of view, China is the world's largest consumer market.

2) For price trend analysis, a key variable in the performance of slitting rewinding machine manufacturers is the cost of raw materials, especially the speed at which any growth can be passed to customers. The price of the main raw materials varies with the price of steel.

3) Considering the current demand for slitting rewinding machines, we tend to think that this industry still has a bright future. In terms of product prices, as competition intensifies, the slow downward trend in recent years will continue in the next few years. Similarly, gross margins will also fluctuate.

The total value of the global slitting rewinding machine market in 2019 reached 3.3 billion yuan, and it is expected to grow to 4.7 billion yuan in 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3%.

2. Slitting rewinding machine made by LOYAL

As a professional supplier of slitting rewinding machines, LOYAL has updated its equipment many times to meet the needs of customers. The following will introduce a high-quality slitting rewinding machine to everyone:

HC-650 automatic slitting rewinding machine

(1) Purpose of HC-650 automatic slitting rewinding machine:

This machine is widely used in electronics, packaging, leather, clothing, plastics, printing and other industrial fields.

Suitable for electronic protective films such as screen protective films of smart phones. Optical film, copper foil, aluminum foil, OPP, PE, PP, PVC, paper type, film, cloth, etc. can also be slit and processed on this type of machine.

(2) Features of HC-650 automatic slitting rewinding machine

The machine is small and requires low power which is incredibly .

This series of machines has high precision and high sensitivity as slitting equipment.

The machine can paste and slit in a single progress.

We have always stood on your side and considered everything for you. Therefore, if you buy any of our machines, our entire team is very happy to provide you with one-year quality assurance and long-term service.

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