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How Many Slitting Ways for Slitting Machine? How Many Slitting Ways for Slitting Machine?

Slitting machine is a kind of equipment for slitting wide web paper, mica tape or film rolls into multiple narrow web materials. However, do you know how many slitting ways for slitting machine?

1. Razor slitting

Razor blade is fixed on a fixed razor holder, and the blade slices the material into the desired widths when the material goes through, to reach razor slitting purposes.

2. Rotary shear slitting

Rotary shear slitting can be divided into tangent line slitting and non-tangent line slitting. Rotary shear is simple to set, and the upper shear and lower shear can be easily adjusted directly according to the slitting width requirements.

3. Crush cut slitting

Crush cut slitting is mainly composed of pneumatic blades which are synchronized with the speed of the material and with a certain wrap angle to the material. Crush cut slitting way can not only slit thin plastic films, but also thicker paper, non-woven fabrics, etc.

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