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How to Deal with Misregister of Flexo Printing? How to Deal with Misregister of Flexo Printing?

Misregister is common issue in flexo printing process. This passage summarizes some causes and solutions for readers’ reference.

1 Printing tension setting problem

The printing tension directly affects the overprinting accuracy of film materials. If the tension is too small, the material will loosen, and overprint errors will occur. On the contrary, if the film material is stretched and deformed, it will also affect the overprinting accuracy. Therefore, when printing film-like self-adhesive materials, the printing tension should be set to the minimum value to ensure the accuracy of overprinting.

2 UV lamp temperature is too high

Thin film materials are significantly affected by temperature. If the temperature of the UV lamp is too high during printing, it will deform the film material and affect the overprinting accuracy. At this time, the power of the UV lamp can be reduced to reduce its temperature. However, in actual production, it is often contradictory. The power of the UV lamp is high, the material is deformed, and the overprint is not accurate. However, the power of the UV lamp is reduced, and the overprint is accurate, but the ink is not easy to dry. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem comprehensively, such as priming ink, selecting ink suitable for the material, or changing the printing color sequence, printing ink that is not easy to dry first, etc.

3 Bad slitting effect of material

The end surface of the material is uneven, and there will be overprint movement during printing. If the material is wide, it can be slit twice. Both sides can be slit off by 2mm. If the material is not wide, the material can only be replaced.

4 Inconsistent material tension

Film-like materials are very sensitive to tension. If the tension at both ends of the material is inconsistent, it is easy to deviate during printing and cause misregistration. Usually, if one side of the material is flat and the other side is tight, ruffles will appear. At this time, it is recommended to use a paper printing machine with deviation correction equipment to reduce misregistration.

5 Material thickness error

There is a deviation in the amount of glue applied to the self-adhesive material. Sometimes the amount of glue coated has a large deviation, which will cause thickness errors at both ends of the material, causing printing deviation and affecting the overprinting accuracy. At this time, the material needs to be replaced or the material should be reduced for use.

How to Deal with Misregister of Flexo Printing
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