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How to Solve "Ink loss" in Film Self-Adhesive Labels Printing? How to Solve "Ink loss" in Film Self-Adhesive Labels Printing?

There are many factors that cause ink loss in printing film self-adhesive labels, mainly the following:

1. Poor surface coating

Film materials have low surface tension and need to be coated before being made into film adhesive labels. Poor coating will lead to ink loss while printing. At this time, printing another layer of primer oil to increase the surface tension is a good choice to avoid ink dropping, but it will increase the cost.

2. Poor compatibility between ink and material

If film adhesive labels appear patchy or sporadic Ink dropouts, printing ink may be not matched with material for printing. Considering high material cost and unchangeable customer demand, the ink that matches the material can be changed through contacting with the ink supplier. At the same time, it’s not a bad way to take some auxiliary measures, such as corona treatment to the material in advance.

3. Poor corona effect

The corona effect will decay over time, which may cause ink dropout during printing. Cheap BOPP and PE adhesive materials usually face this issue. Considering the high coating cost, it is suggested to re-corona the material before printing.

4Bad UV drying

Most self-adhesive materials are printed with UV ink. If the drying is not complete, it will lead to ink loss in material. You’d better increase the UV lamp power or replace the UV lamp to solve the problem.

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